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GPD-30 Ranch Pro


GPD-40 Fence Pro


GPD-45 Multi Pro

Perfect for T-Post and Ground Rod Installation
Approximately a 30% power increase over the GPD-30!
Approximately a 35% power increase over the GPD 40!

Powered by a Honda 4-cycle engine, the Rhino Gas Powered Post Drivers are powerful and can drive posts in seconds.  They are easy to transport and operate.  A single person can quickly handle post driving tasks.  Unlike traditional post driving tools, the Gas Powered Post Drivers do not require additional equipment, such as propane, air compressor, or hydraulic power source.

Rhino has ergonomically designed the handles for weight distribution and incorporated the internal vibration dampening for the operator's comfort.  Rhino components are engineered to the highest quality and for durability.  The driver is manufactured from the very best materials to promote long tool life, including heat-treated alloy steel "aircraft quality" aluminum, stainless steel fasteners and bearing on all rotating parts.

Features and Benefits

  • Powered by Honda's GX35 4-stroke engine - drives posts in seconds
  • Quality  - High-grade virgin aluminum cast body; Shock-resistent heat-treated steel components; Aircraft quality aluminum internals; Sealed bearings on all rotating parts
  • Ergonomic - Ergonomically balanced handle for superior handling; RHINO CIS anti-vibration dampening and cushioned handle grip for operator comfort and well-being
  • Operator Friendly - Easy to transport and operate; Quick-lock adaptor system allows for fast application conversion in the field and promotes longer tool life

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  • Agriculture
  • Livestock
  • Sign Installation
  • Fence Installation
  • Landscape
  • Electrial Utility
  • Ground Rod Installation
  • Much more



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Part No.
Overall Dimensions
Chuck ID
Post Size

Rhino GPD-30 Ranch Pro Post Driver

Comes with a 1" Chuck-Lok™ Adapter

Adapters & Applications 

21 x 13 x 13.5 33
1-3/4" T-Posts
Ground Rods
4-stroke, 35.8 cc 1720 Regular unleaded gas $1,640.00

Rhino GPD-40 Fence Pro Post Driver

Comes with a 2" Chuck-Lok™ Apapter

Adapters & Applications

21 x 13 x 13.5 38 2-1/2 2-3/8 4-stroke, 35.8 cc 1720 Regular unleaded gas  $1,990.00

Rhino GPD-45 Multi Pro Post Driver

Comes with 1", 1 34" and 2" Chuck-Lok™ Adapters

Adapter Kits

26 x 10-3/4 x 17 44 2-1/2 2-3/8 4-stroke, 35.8 cc 1720 Regular unleaded gas $2,490.00

*All of the above drivers use SAE 10W-30 Engine Oil and Rhino SynLube Grease.

GPD-30 Ranch Pro


GPD-40 Fence Pro


GPD-45 Multi-Pro

Rhino Formula Grease (10 hr. grease) 300500 $9.80 300500 $9.80   300500 $9.80
Service Kit (50 hr. Service Kit) 300505 $60.30   301505 $65.26   301506 $65.26  


"Rhino has an unsurpassed reputation in pneumatic drivers and they went to great lengths to ensure the gas powered drivers would exceed all expectations. To that end – they went above and beyond with their material selection and quality control.

To ensure quality - all of Rhino’s parts are manufactured at Rhino or within 50 miles of their plant in Kewanee Illinois – USA. They did not merely change the aperture on the GPD45 but re-engineered it to incorporate larger pistons, hammers and anvils to give it a quantifiable increase in power necessary for larger posts and more demanding conditions.

We are proud to be a leading stocking distributor of these exceptional post drivers manufactured by Rhino Tool Company."

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