Rhino Fence Pro GPD-40 Gas Post Driver

Rhino GPD-40 Fence Pro

Model NumberDescriptionPrice
301001 GPD-40 Fence Pro
Comes with a 2" Chuck-Lok™ Adapter
$2,060.00 Add


NameApplicationPart NumberPrice
1" Chuck Sleeve Ground Rod 300900 $36.00 Add
1-34" Chuck Sleeve T-Post 300895 $36.00 Add
2" Chuck Sleeve
T-Post 300902 $36.00 Add

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Accessories and Replaceable Parts

Rhino GPD transport cart

GPD Transport Cart

Rhino GPD 2ft extended handles

GPD 2ft Extended Handle

Part NumberDescriptionPrice
290000 GPD Transport Cart
$362.00 Add
301233 CIS Lower Handle Assembly
$42.49 Add
301250 * GPD Extended Handle Kit - 2' long $191.00 Add
301252 * GPD Extended Handle Kit - 4' 6" long $205.00 Add
301600 Top Throttle Kit
GPD40FP - SN 002269 or greater
$153.00 Add
300500 **Rhino Formula Grease (10 hr. grease) $10.00 Add
300506 **Rhino Formula Grease (10 hr. grease) 12-Pack $102.50 Add
301505 Service Kit with O-Ring Cup $65.26 Add
301508 Service Kit without O-Ring Cup $38.00 Add
* Requires 301233 CIS Lower Handle Assembly

** The GPD-40 uses SAE 10W-30 Engine Oil and Rhino SynLube Grease.

Rhino Grease MSDS

Oil Fill Procedure

Service Kit Installation

Lubricant Levels

About the Tool

Rhino's GPD-40 Fence Pro is a triumph of engineering. Integrated with the 2-12" chuck is the innovative Chuck-Lok technology, which increases the tool's effeciency by allowing for fast chuck changes in the field and ensuring proper positioning for optimal driving power. It also increases the tool's effective lifespan substantially. The Fence Pro's default adapter is 2", but can be equipped with optional 1-34" or 1" adapters.

If you are trying to maximize your time and money in the field, the Fence Pro is an exceptional choice. It is typically used for erosion control, agriculture, livestock management, sign installation, rental tent installtion, and more. Its portability and flexibility make it a favorite among professional fence contractors.


  • Larger body, hammer, and anvil provide 30% more hitting power than the smaller GPD-30.
  • The 2-12" chuck makes this a perfect choice for Round Posts up to 2-38".
  • Includes 2" chuck sleeve for driving T-Posts and smaller round posts.
  • Comes with Rhino's CIS vibration dampening handles.
  • Handle-mounted stop switch.
  • Ergonomically designed handle with an integrated throttle.
  • D-style top handle for easy carrying.
  • Prime bulb, for easy starting.
  • Legendary reliability: Honda GX35 4-stroke industrial engine. This tool has passed the stringent Honda US Certification process.
  • Steel skid plate protects the engine and provides rugged durability.
To see each of these features on the tool, look at the rotator located above this on the page.

Works with:

  • T-Post
  • Ground Rod
  • Form Pin
  • Round posts up to 2-38" dia.
  • Tent Stake


Part No.: 301001

Overall Dimensions (in): 21 x 13 x 13.5

Weight (lbs): 38

Chuck ID (in): 2-12

Post Size (in): 2-38

Power: 4-stroke, 35.8 cc

Performance (BPM): 1720

Fuel: Regular unleaded gas