Hydraulic Handheld 2-Man Earth Auger

Part Description Price
801610 HED Earth Auger $1,865.00 Add


Part Description Price
801005 Oil Flow Diverter $770.00 Add
801226 Hydraulic Extension Hose (20') $365.00 Add
801227 Hydraulic Extension Hose (30') $540.00 Add
801213 HPP 13 Power Pack $4,820.00 Add
801214 HPP 18V Power Pack $6,175.00 Add

HED Earth Auger

hed earth auger

About Hydraulic Handheld 2-Man Earth Auger

The Rhino HED Earth Auger is used for the drilling of holes for fencing, sign posts, masts and planting jobs. It has a sturdy steel frame design that is easy to hold while drilling. The drill is lightweight, has forward and reverse rotation and is virtually maintenance free.

  • Higher Performance
  • Forward and Reverse Rotation
  • ASCO Safety System (stops immediately if the auger gets stuck)
  • No Exhaust Fumes
  • No Vibrations and No Noise
  • Low Weight
  • Simple and Sturdy design
  • Easy to Operate
  • Very Low Maintenance

The Rhino HED Earth Auger runs for years without service costs, and it drills through even the toughest soil conditions.

The RHINO HED can be used with the HPP 13 or HPP 18V Power Packs as well as other hydraulic power systems power systems such as utility truck or mini excavator with the use of Rhino’s flow control devices.


  HCD 25-100
Part No. 801610
Standard Equipment Quick Connect Couplings
Weight, lb 43
Length, in 22
Oil flow, gpm 5
Working pressure, psi 2500
Max pressure, psi 3045
Built-in torque limiter, psi 1305
Vibration level m/s2 <9.6